Divorce and Selling Your House in Portland-Vancouver


When going through a divorce and selling your house, there are many decisions to be made. Understandably, the goal is to complete the process and bring your settlement to full closure fast and as quickly as possible, including selling the shared house. However, the funds from the sale are often required so that you can each move forward, meaning you’ll need to sell the Oregon or Washington house quickly. Should you find yourself at this crossroads of divorce and selling your house, read on as we explore the fastest way to sell a house in Portland-Vancouver if you are ready to start down that path.

  • Consider your options
  • Current Oregon or Washington market and value
  • Timing
  • Educated Decision
  • Pro home buyer

Consider Your Options

Going for sale by owner or FSBO route, you could attempt to take on the listing task yourselves. However, a few searches on the abysmal statistics should stop you in your tracks; most of these listings sell for around 26% less than the asking price. For a better outcome during a divorce and selling your house, you could list with an Oregon or Washington real estate agent, but then there are the high commissions to come off of your profits at the closing. On the other hand, selling directly to a local home investor, like Bridgetown Home Buyers, may just be the fastest way to sell your house in Portland-Vancouver if you are getting a divorce and saving money because we never charge commissions or ask you to do repairs.

*Even leave all your unwanted stuff, if you’d like.

We buy houses cash in Oregon & Washington – Bridgetown Home Buyers

Current Market and Value

Interest rates are rising quickly, which sooner or later may also affect home values (and not in a good way). Spring and summertime are always the best times to sell, but in a divorce, you don’t always get to choose that timing.

You will need to move fast once the decision has been made and consider the funds available for prep and repairs. Also, consider how much additional stress you can handle, given your circumstances and the current condition of your life and property—Oregon & Washington homes in new or like new fare well on the MLS.

Otherwise, your listing may linger, and most buyers scroll right by a property that isn’t in ready-to-move-in condition. Or, you can sell as-is for cash to a professional home buyer, like those at Bridgetown Home Buyers, with nothing to worry about but packing a direct sale is the fastest way to sell a house in Portland-Vancouver.


When you list a home on the Oregon or Washington market, there is no guarantee of the speed at which your home will sell, concluding legal matters. Moreover, it can be costly in many ways for the listing to drag on, including possible tax implications. You should consult a real estate tax specialist or attorney regarding capital gains taxes and the difference in profits that selling before or after the divorce can make.

A professional Oregon or Washington home buyer, like those at Bridgetown Home Buyers, are direct home buyers and is the fastest way to sell a house in Portland-Vancouver if you are getting a divorce because you’ll have a guaranteed date for your closing, usually in 30 days or less (sometimes sooner, if needed). Need a delay? Talk to us, and we can arrange to close on the most convenient date.

Divorce and selling your OR/WA house is a tough decision

Educated Decision

Before you decide on the method you select to sell your house, you should be sure you understand the costs and potential profit for each so that you can feel good about your choice long after the closing. To this end, when selling directly to a professional Oregon & Washington local home buyer, like those at Bridgetown Home Buyers, not only is this the fastest way in Portland-Vancouver if you are getting a divorce and selling your house, but we ensure you understand all of your options clearly. In addition, the professional home buyers at Bridgetown Home Buyers will detail how much you would profit from each, with complete transparency, to ensure you agree the offer is fair.

Pro Home Buyer

Selling directly to a professional home buyer from Bridgetown Home Buyers is the fastest, most convenient, and easy way to sell an Oregon or Washington house in Portland-Vancouver if you are getting a divorce and selling your house. Our seasoned professionals and the top-notch support team at Bridgetown Home Buyers understand this is a difficult time and are here to help.

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