How to Estimate Repairs When Selling Your House in Salem-Keizer-Woodburn


A necessary part of the process of selling your house is the dreaded home inspection and for many sellers, this fact causes many a restless night. However, facing the issue head-on will allow you to understand what you are up against financially in total expenses for any needed repairs. When selling your house – three to four estimates are typically enough to make a fair comparison for the job at hand. For more in-depth research, you can also tap into the available resources online like Angies list or HomeAdvisor for a general idea of what the job should cost.

Knowing your final costs will let you take the steps necessary to prepare your property to pass any inspection with flying colors. You can also rest assured that you should meet any of the lenders’ requirements, as most buyers must qualify for mortgage loans on the conventional or FHA market.

Read on as we answer the below questions and explore how to estimate repairs when selling your house in Salem-Keizer-Woodburn.

  • Should I make repairs to my house before selling
  • What should I fix first in my house
  • How do you calculate property repairs
  • Home renovation materials list

Should I Make Repairs To My House Before Selling

Well, that all depends on your timeline and how fast you are looking to sell. You see it takes time to gather estimates for repairs when selling your house in Salem-Keizer-Woodburn, so you will need to be patient as you contact contractors and schedule your estimates; leave yourself up to a month for this part of the process. And don’t forget to inquire with each professional about how long they estimate your project will take so that you have a realistic picture of how long it will be before your property is ready to place on the market. Now, if time is of the essence and your need things done asap, you may want to consider working with a direct home buyer, like those at Bridgetown Home Buyers who can offer you a guaranteed closing date, often within a matter of days.

The professional you hire must consider the professional’s reputation as there is a value to estimating repairs when selling your house in Salem-Keizer-Woodburn. Another indicator that they are great at their profession is the length of time the company has been in business. You can also check with Construction Contractors Board or Google Reviews for complaints. While investigating your contractor, one last step is to run a background check and ensure no history of fraud. Often, asking for recommendations provides the best reference when you’re working with any business or professional, and online consumer reviews can help narrow down your options.


What Should I Fix First In My House

Let’s start with what your expectations are for the needed repairs and the budget you have to work within. If you are handling more than one repair job at a time, it is helpful to list all repairs you need estimates for when selling your house in Salem-Keizer-Woodburn. It is best to meet them at the job and walk through the project with them, and they may notice issues that you missed in your initial assessment and any limitations on the expectations you have for the results. Another factor to pay close attention to when making your calls and scheduling your estimates is rating their communication, timeliness, and responsiveness. If they are not keeping their word or stopping and paying close attention to your questions or concerns, you may want to select a different pro. 

How Do You Calculate Property Repairs

Small details, what do they matter? Well, when it comes to a job done right and you being a happy homeowner/seller – a detailed job scope, along with a well-written contract between you, and the contractor you choose to work with can go a long way in keeping everyone on the same page.

For larger jobs, where the exact pricing of all materials and anything else you will purchase could have variable price ranges, you should look for an estimate that provides you with the possible price ranges, such as the job costing between $10,000 to $12,000. It is reasonable to expect exact estimates for smaller jobs, such as replacing a single door. To be fair, when it is time to make your comparisons between contractors, all bids should be for the same work under the same terms and job scope when selling your house in Salem-Keizer-Woodburn.

Pro tip:

Give each contractor you have bid the job the same job scope. If you don’t have one, wait till your first bid is in – then copy that and give it to the other contractors to bid off of (delete all prices from first contractor, so it’s a fair process).


Home Renovation Materials List

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Often, there are many variables involved in selecting the materials that your contractor will install. The cost plays a significant role in making your final decision. Take the time to educate yourself about the installation, use, and care of materials so that you don’t get caught off guard, and your contractor is not surprised down the road by special installation instructions for a new product. Educating yourself about the costs of supplies, appliances, or anything else you will need for the job can help you make better decisions when selling your house in Salem-Keizer-Woodburn. In addition, doing some footwork before attaining your estimates can help you understand the quality of materials your contractor is basing their estimate on for the repairs.

Bridgetown Home Buyers

The direct buyers at Bridgetown Home Buyers will meet with you and provide full and transparent information about every detail that matters so you can compare for yourself, making the repairs and listing your property vs. making a direct sale for your property as-is. When you make a direct sale to Bridgetown Home Buyers, we want you to feel good about the deal long after closing. We stop everything and listen to you!

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