Top 5 Reasons Not to Use an Agent to Sell Your Property Portland OR – Vancouver WA

Sell My House in Portland, Oregon – Vancouver, Washington

The following are five compelling arguments against using a real estate agent to sell your property in Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington.

Some homes and sellers may not neatly fit within the conventional strategy. Continue reading as we discuss five compelling arguments for why you don’t need to work with a real estate agent to sell your property in Portland-Vancouver.

Discussed in this article:

  • Pricy Commissions
  • Prepping
  • Time
  • Expensive Repairs
  • Cash Home Investor Buyers Portland-Vancouver

Pricy Commissions

If you’re a homeowner in Portland-Vancouver, and you’re like most other homeowners, your next idea is probably that you should sell your home without the assistance of a real estate agent because the commissions they charge are so high. However, having the support of a professional who can guide one through the process can be priceless for many homeowners who are looking to sell their Portland-Vancouver home.

There is another possibility that enables you to collaborate with an expert while not paying any commissions. You won’t have to pay those pricy commissions if you decide to make a direct sale to a cash home investor, like the ones at Bridgetown Home Buyers. The expert purchasers at Bridgetown Home Buyers conduct their business with complete transparency, and it implies that once the sale is completed, there won’t be any unpleasant fees or expenses to surprise you.

Prepping Time

Another reason why you should not use an agent to sell your property in Portland-Vancouver metro is because of the out-of-pocket costs associated with the preparation work and marketing of the property to potential home purchasers. A new coat of paint and other renovations throughout your home, however, can help you get a better price when you decide to sell it. In addition to this, the standards for selling your property with a real estate agent require the use of high-quality photographs and 360-degree drone movies shot by specialists in order to market your property online.

Staging is another often overlooked expense when selling one’s home. Stage properties tend to sell 25% faster, real estate brokers typically collaborate with professional stagers. In addition, staging highlights the best aspects of the house while providing potential buyers with a blank canvas to work with. This frequently involves the removal of personal items from public view and the placement of larger pieces of furniture or any excess possessions to create the illusion of more storage space.

Nevertheless, let’s say the process of preparing your marketing or the prospect of paying the professional expenses associated with it does not excite you. When you sell your property directly to experienced cash buyers like those at Bridgetown Home Buyers, you can skip the headaches of the preparation work since there are no showings to worry about, and you can put your wallet aside because there are no out-of-pocket fees before the sale.

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Let’s say you desire to steer clear of the disastrous consequences of a foreclosure on your home. If this is the case, there is a brief window of time during which you can discuss other possibilities with your lender. If there’s no sign of a resolution in sight and you can’t afford to wait out the listing, showing, and closing processes, then there is no need to hire an real estate agent to sell your property in Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, Washington.

Instead, you should try selling the property on your own FSBO/For Sale By Owner directly to as is homebuyer in Portland-Vancouver.

Relocation, Speed and 2 Houses

You may have been forced to relocate for employment or to assist a family member in need. As a result, you are now responsible for the holding costs of two properties, in addition to the inconvenience of hiring a caretaker or investing your money and time in commuting between the two. A real estate agent may not be able to tell you when your home will sell, which is one thing you should expect from them.

Whenever sellers must act quickly, a speedy solution is available in the form of selling directly to professional buyers like those at Bridgetown Home Buyers. This method delivers a guaranteed closing date in as little as a week, in most cases 30 days or less. In addition, the expert purchasers at Bridgetown Home Buyers will pay for all your closing fees, which will result in a financial savings for you.

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Expensive Repairs

If you are facing a mound of repair expenditures to bring your house into top shape, this is a key factor in recommending against using an agency to sell your property in Portland-Vancouver. When facing these kinds of bills, you might want to consider selling your property as is on your own to a local cash home buyer like Bridgetown Home Buyers.

Retail home buyers are savvy individuals who have access to a large amount of data and homes online that they can compare, and in most cases, they are looking for a property that is already prepared for occupancy. Typically, these listings remain unsold for a long period, and the bargain mentality of buyers who are up for the challenge sometimes leads to offers that are insultingly low – even after doing all those pricy repairs.

Therefore, when a listing is not up to par, it is considered a bargain fixer property and may or may not be worth a throw of the dice.

Instead, work with an experienced cash buyer such as us here at Bridgetown Home Buyers. We purchase houses in their current as is condition and pay cash for them.

Cash Home Investor Buyers Portland, OR – Vancouver, WA

Bridgetown Home Buyers is staffed with experienced home buyers who can advise you regarding a fair price cash offer or whether you need the assistance of an agent to sell your property located in Portland-Vancouver. The professional buyers at Bridgetown Home Buyers will be honest with you and let you know if they believe that selling your property on the real estate market in Portland-Vancouver would be more beneficial to you. This is because the primary goal of their business is to assist the people who live in the surrounding community in Portland-Vancouver. Bridgetown Home Buyers does this because we want you to have a positive experience dealing with our experienced buyers and our full-service in-house team of industry specialists to make the process speedy, simple, and uncomplicated.

If you sum up the alternatives that the seasoned purchasers at Bridgetown Home Buyers have to offer home sellers like you, you’ll see that there are many reasons to avoid using an agent to sell your house in Portland OR or Vancouver WA.

Bridgetown Home Buyers is a professional cash home buying investment company. Sell your property fast and as is today.

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